A first glance at the new rich text editor

September 20, 2005
  • Some buttons missing: underline, find, find/replace, sub, sup, fontsize, blockquote. I use fontsize/sub/sup a lot for footnotes. Usually I use a “1” or “*” with superscript to indicate footnotes, and fontsize to write them.
  • The more and nextpage button are not functional for now, at least for me (I guess devs must already be aware of it).
  • This resizable thing is very cool.
  • It would be nice if the insert image dialog had a “Browse” button so we could add images we just uploaded to WordPress. Actually, an upload button would be perfect.
  • Smilies are very nice .
  • It seems like TinyMCE is not XHTML compliant. For those who write in portuguese this is a problem, because characters like “é” are very common. If you like to write code, then characters like “< " should be a problem too. Also, and I don't know if this is TinyMCE's fault or WordPress', but I just can't insert spaces between unordered list items. I press SHIFT+ENTER and the spacing actually shows in editor, but don't show in my blog. Images don't have an alt tag, and it seems that WordPress inserts some paragraph tags; they're causing some XHTML trouble. Try to validate this page and you'll see them - it complains about tags (paragraph ones) that DO NOT SHOW UP in the HTML view (that's why I'm assuming WordPress is the one inserting them). This is VERY ANNOYING because TinyMCE TRIES TO INTERPRET code tags instead of replacing them with their respective XHTML codes.
  • The path at the bottom is cool for those who know a little HTML, it helps to show you “where you are”.

This is just a first glance, so don’t take it as a complete analysis…but if these issues were addressed this editor will REALLY ROCK.


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